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As soon as I got back in the states in 2011, I wanted to create a game for the iPhone. I had further incentive to add more to my portfolio to be accepted into the animation emphasis at BYU. The result was the first game I ever built, Swirlz!


swirlz1 I went all out for a couple months learning how to program in objective C and design characters and environments for the game. All of the artwork was created with vectors. The animated sequences were done programmatically.

swirlz2 The concept of the game is simple, throw orbs at their respective matching colors. Bombs blow up all of the existing orbs on the screen and X coins give extra lives. Getting sequences of colored orbs earns bonus points.

swirlz4 There are a variety of parts that I am particularly happy about. The ‘liquid’ bar at the top turned out nicely. I used a moving and spinning varied edge circle to get the look to work.

As my first attempt at creating and launching a game, I am very pleased with the result. It is integrated with Google Analytics and iOS in app purchases.


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