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After rejoining Owlet and learning that the app was written in Objective-C, I wanted to create an app for a refresh in it. I’ve worked with trello for a while and I remember seeing an app called Clear. I wanted to mix the two together and create a gesture driven workflow app that had the flexibility that trello has.

The goal of this app was to make the use case as flexible as possible and not have any buttons. I ended up with one to add/edit and item or list but other than that it doesn’t have any. This has turned into one of my most successful apps.


The majority of the elements in this app are created programmatically which resulted in a very small app footprint. The app only ended up taking 500 kBs.


I really enjoyed building the transition animations and color picker animations. Because of the small scope of app functionality I was able to put more effort into polish that I usually can.

Check a video of the app in action!

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