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Lionheart is a platform for care coordination. The initial target audience for Lionheart was caregivers. It provides a cloud system for managing the care of a loved one. When you have a parent, child, or anyone that has medical needs, it is more than a one person job. In order to coordinate care between caregivers, Lionheart’s platform allows caregivers to communicate and track tasks.


I joined Lionheart as the CTO. I did a bunch of everything within this startup. I was a UX Designer, UI Designer, Project Manager, iOS Developer, and Full Stack Developer. I revamped the logo as seen above as well.

The process of building Lionheart’s platform started with UX wireframe testing. As the lead designer, I designed a variety of UX experiences in wireframes and worked with target users to validate usability. This directed our designs to the most necessary features for the MVP.

Lionheart Wireframe Work

Lionheart Wireframe Work

Once we had decided on a wireframe direction, the designs were fleshed out and variations continued to be developed. As I continued to polish the designs, I managed an outsourced team of developers to begin production on the platform. Once the designs were completed, I took over software development.

Finalized Task Management Designs

Finalized Task Management Designs

In order to scale MVP with time and best manage the UX, the platform was initially developed with an iOS endpoint. Swift and PHP (with an MVP framework) were the primary languages used for all of the development.

Finalized Task Management  Designs

Finalized Task Management Designs

I built a caching system that allowed performance gains by storing current information on the local device. The structure of the caching system allowed for future performance gains to be added as feature sets expanded. It is an elegant system that also allows vital information to be accessed even when internet access is severed.


If you are or have someone with medical needs that you care for check Lionheart out on the app store. It’s an awesome tool that can ease some of the burden!

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